How to make your free spins count

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the online casino industry wasn’t built on friendly gestures. It was built off cold hard cash, the cash that players pour into casino games and generally don’t see again. With some casinos becoming major gold mines and many others starting up in order to get a piece of the action. While there is no doubt that online casinos are built to make sure the house wins more often that not, there nothing in the rules to say that you must always be on the losing side of a bet like the millions of other players out there. Free spins are going to be your tool to turn the tables on the casino and start cashing in.

Firstly, if you want to give the casinos a run for their money, you need to be armed with the right tools. The key tool in your arsenal will be the free spins you have at your disposal. Don’t be foolish enough to think that all free bonuses are the same though, as they each come loaded with varying conditions. The key elements within such conditions are wagering requirements and cashout limits. Wagering requirements dictate how many times you must use your bonus in order for it to become cashable, while a cashout limit dictates how much you can actually make and withdraw off the back of a free spin bonus. These conditions are in place to limit your success with free spins.

While there are plenty of conditions attached to free spin bonuses, they also come in various types. You need to make sure you pick the right type for your situation. If you are planning to go all in at an online casino and make it your prime choice for slots, then look towards a deposit related bonus. For example, a free spin bonus that offers you a matched number of free spins that relate to the cash amount you deposit. It is through such bonus that you will unlock the largest amount of free spins. If you aren’t ready for a full-commitment and want to simply dip your toe in the water, you should choose a no-deposit bonus. In such cases you will receive a limited number of free spins (usually between 10 and 40), but won’t have to make any financial commitment to the casino itself.

After getting to grips with what makes up your free spin bonus, you’ll need to understand not just how the casino works, but how the games work as well. Slots are a tricky field to analyse, as there are a wide variety to choose from. My advice to you is to look at the games that allow you to decrease your wagering requirement the fastest. For example, you may find that some games offer 200% towards your wagering requirement, while others may only offer 50%. Within these games I suggest you bet big to in order to increase your output.

Consider this before you start putting your free spins to use, the casinos don’t give them away for nothing and they certainly don’t want you to win any money from them. To make them count you need to spin smart and spin with strategy in mind. Don’t be like a bull in a china shop and rush to use them, take your time and use them only when the situation is suitable for it. Take on board what you have read here today and you are sure to find it easier to make your free spins count.